Tracks Inspector Appliances by Dell OEM

Industrialize the processes around the examination of digital devices

Digital evidence is now involved in most cases and presents police forces with real challenges. It is not only about high-tech crime. Forces should be prepared to deal with the amount of digital evidence being gathered, particularly in cases such as harassment, sexting and serious domestic abuse.

Police forces need to break down the process, i.e. get investigators closer to the data, enable experts to focus on the “hard stuff”, enable communication across the case, have flexibility for new forensic data sources, integration across a range of management solutions and build speed, resilience and rigor into the process.

To achieve this, digital evidence needs to be presented outside the forensic lab, away from the forensic workstations and complex expert tools to servers with web-interfaces that run on standard office equipment. Tracks Inspector software enables this but hardware dimensioning can be a challenge as digital forensics data volumes and processing are new to the IT department.

Tracks Inspector bridges the gap between the forensic lab and the standard ICT environment by introducing appliances that have been designed together with Dell OEM. With these building blocks, customers can easily dimension Tracks Inspector servers to deliver the performance that is required for specific numbers of concurrent users, storage capacity and processing speed.

Appliance models

The table below lists 7 appliance models with varying performance and capacity. The S, M and L appliance are 2U rack servers with 20, 40 and 50 TB respectively that is delivered by a hardware RAID consisting of 6 disks. The X series also have an external 2U disk array and can deliver up to 119 Tb of data storage and have an additional CPU for more performance. The X series stores databases on a separate hardware raid set with faster disks. Model T is a tower appliance with low noise level suitable for office environments.

Hardware specs

All appliances are based on a Dell R530 2U rack server with the exception of the T version that is based on the Dell T430 tower. CPUs in the server are Intel Xeon E5-2683 16C/32T (the X series have 2 CPU sockets). The CPU in the tower is Intel Xeon E5-2660 14C/28T. All have a PERC H730 Integrated RAID Controller which is configured for a 2 disk (120 or 200 GB SSD) RAID1 for the operating system, swap and temporary file storage and for a 6 disk SATA 7K2 RPM RAID5 for database and file storage. The X series have 6 SAS 10K RPM in RAID10 for the databases and use a second hardware PERC H830 RAID Adapter that connects to a 3U MD1400 disk array with room for 12 more SATA 7K2 RPM disks for file storage. The servers have redundant 1Gb or 10Gb network interfaces.

Expanding your configuration

If you need to expand your hardware configuration, e.g. because more storage capacity or processing speed is needed, this is possible by adding a new appliance. Since the cost of Tracks Inspector is determined by the number of concurrent users, a new appliance does not require a new software license. Consequently, the cost of upgrading is solely determined by the cost of hardware and installation. Adding an appliance to an existing installation is straightforward and can be completed within one day without the need for migration. Read how Police Zone Schelde Leie trippled the storage capacity and more than doubled the processing speed of their Tracks Inspector solution in this case study.

Installation and Support

The appliance will be installed on site and configured to work in your network. The hardware is covered by Dell OEM basic warranty (next business day) and data protection (keep your hard drive) which means the defect hard drives do not have to be returned. Hardware support is for 3 years by default but it is possible to extend this to 5 years. Tracks Inspector software, maintenance and support is provided by Tracks Inspector and is included in the software subscription. The appliances can be deployed by certified Dell OEM engineer in your data center after which configuration is completed by a technical engineer from an authorized Tracks Inspector partner.


TI appliance pricing ranges between € 8,000 and € 28,000. Prices are subject to fluctuations because of the changing cost of cpu’s, RAM and hard disk storage. Please contact one of our partners to get a quote.