Breaking the Backlog

Tracks Inspector empowers non-technical investigators with forensic capabilities to reduce the workload for the digital forensic specialists. By capturing part of the scarce forensic knowledge and skills in an application, the investigators have a way of looking at exhibits themselves for finding additional leads or even substantial evidence where this previously had to be facilitated by the digital forensic specialists. In the end, cases are solved faster because the investigators focuses on what is really important.

Digital forensic specialists benefit from Tracks Inspector because now they can focus on the more challenging exhibits and put their real skills and knowledge to good use, leaving the generic tasks to Tracks Inspector. In addition, they can now perform activities for which no time was left in the past, e.g. investigations in the field.

Tracks Inspector recognizes and supports many often-used file formats for easy reviewing by investigators. By using the Physical Evidence Station (PES) for creating forensic images from drives and other media, there is no more waiting before actual review can start due to the unique parallel imaging and processing of evidence.