Magnet Forensics brings intuitive Digital Evidence Review platform to its product portfolio with acquisition of Tracks Inspector

Tracks Inspector is Now Part of Magnet Forensics Herndon, VA – Magnet Forensics, a global leader in developing digital investigation software for smartphone, cloud, and computer examinations, today announces its acquisition of Tracks Inspector from Tracks Inspector B.V., a software company based in The Hague, Netherlands. With the acquisition of Tracks Inspector, Magnet Forensics adds […]

Bluetechnics becomes Tracks Inspector partner for Belgium and Luxemburg

Bluetechnics was founded by Stijn Burm, a former police officer, to help law enforcement agencies & governmental organizations find the most efficient (digital) solution to conduct their investigations. Bluetechnics is well acquainted with Police Zones in Belgium and besides selling leading digital forensics solutions they also provide services, support and trainings.  Bluetechnics will be offering […]

New features in Tracks Inspector version 2.3

Tracks Inspector version 2.3 has been released to customers. The user interface has been refreshed and access with smartphone and tablet has been further improved. Pages load faster enabling investigators to quickly browse through pictures, video, audio, documents, emails, internet urls, communication messages and contacts. The majority of pages have been optimized for printing from […]

Tracks Inspector supports the WATCH Netherlands project

Developer of digital forensics software Tracks Inspector has donated hardware and software to non-profit organisation Terre des Hommes.  Terre des Hommes stops child exploitation and with this solution the Observation & Action Unit of WATCH Netherlands can investigate digital evidence. This unit receives computers and mobile phones on a regular basis from, e.g., concerned parents. […]

Avatu and Tracks Inspector sign new partnership deal

A new partnership between one of the UK’s best-known names in digital forensics and a transformative technology will help police forces tackle the backlog of digital forensic evidence requests – in a sustainable way. Avatu, who work with all the police forces in the country, will be offering demos of the Tracks Inspector early assessment […]