Bluetechnics becomes Tracks Inspector partner for Belgium and Luxemburg

Bluetechnics was founded by Stijn Burm, a former police officer, to help law enforcement agencies & governmental organizations find the most efficient (digital) solution to conduct their investigations. Bluetechnics is well acquainted with Police Zones in Belgium and besides selling leading digital forensics solutions they also provide services, support and trainings.  Bluetechnics will be offering demos of the Tracks Inspector early assessment technology to all its new and existing customers.

Belgium is one of the first markets where the Police adopted Tracks Inspector. The software is already in use by several Belgium Police Zones and by one federal agency. Their non-technical investigators gain insight into the digital forensic evidence – from mobile phone call logs to CCTV footage – on their cases. It allows them to search and analyse digital evidence connected to everyday crimes, without having to burden specialist forensic units or external labs.

Bluetechnics is excited to be a Tracks Inspector partner especially because it can make policing in Belgium more efficient. “Police Zones struggle with digital evidence on a daily basis. Tracks Inspector can innovate how they do their day-to-day work,”  said Stijn Burm, CEO and founder of Bluetechnics. “It improves collaboration between digital forensic experts and detectives. They can make early case assessments and are then able to articulate more precise questions to the experts that are using advanced tools in the forensic lab”.

Hans Henseler, managing director and co-founder of Tracks Inspector, explained the vision behind Tracks Inspector and why it helps. “The analysis of simple digital evidence needs to be taken out of the forensic lab and into the Police office where it is available to all detectives.” It is difficult to achieve this with existing expert tools. He added: “Tracks Inspector operates on standard enterprise servers that can multi-task and service users through an easy to use web-browser user interface. These servers become part of the standard IT infrastructure with standard service level agreements.”

Bluetechnics will be offering demos of the technology to all police zones and federal customers throughout Belgium and Luxemburg. For contact details see our partner web page