New features in Tracks Inspector version 2.3

Tracks Inspector version 2.3 has been released to customers. The user interface has been refreshed and access with smartphone and tablet has been further improved. Pages load faster enabling investigators to quickly browse through pictures, video, audio, documents, emails, internet urls, communication messages and contacts.

The majority of pages have been optimized for printing from the browser. This enables users to quickly print a single evidence item or dashboard without having to produce a full report. The print will include meta data, tags and comments. Also the page url is encoded in a QR code on the page. When this code is scanned, an authorized user can directly go back to the electronic version of the page in the system.

While improving support for printing, we have also improved the screen layout. For example, the evidence overview screen is improved. When examing a computer with an operating system, user account details are better accessible. Evidence units containing a mobile device have special widgets representing typical mobile data.

Detailed view screens have been improved. We integrated a new video and audio player that supports speed up and slow down. Document view now support full page mode. The case analysis page has been redesigned and now offers better filtering options for extracted context strings such as IBAN numbers,  credit card numbers etc.

Take a look at our demo server if you want to experience the improvements. No demo account yet? Request a free demo account here.