Tracks Inspector supports the WATCH Netherlands project

Developer of digital forensics software Tracks Inspector has donated hardware and software to non-profit organisation Terre des Hommes.  Terre des Hommes stops child exploitation and with this solution the Observation & Action Unit of WATCH Netherlands can investigate digital evidence. This unit receives computers and mobile phones on a regular basis from, e.g., concerned parents. These devices need to be investigated that can confirm or provide additional evidence that their child has actually been the victim of persons that are motivated by sexual abuse or exploitation. Gideon van Aartsen from TdH special programs and projects: “With Tracks Inspector all our WATCH investigators can now investigate hardware and discover potential digital evidence.” Hans Henseler, CEO Tracks Inspector: “Since 2015 we are closely collaborating with Terre des Hommes on the Sweetie 2.0 project. With this donation we want to support Terre des Hommes in their fight against loverboys and other child abusers in the Netherlands.”

Further reading:

  • The WATCH Netherlands project on the website of Terrre des Hommes (in Dutch).
  • Tracks Inspector develops software for the Terre des Hommes Sweetie 2.0 project blog.